We develop and implement digital solutions, supervise transformations in the energy, oil, gas and construction industries

We are a team of business developers, engineers and programmers.
We have the experience of 10 years in execution of international projects, including those based on distributed ledger technology and smart-contracts.
We offer ready-made software products and provide on-demand solutions.

Our long-term vision of a distributed energy



A system for splitting payments from consumers to suppliers based on smart contracts


Electricity demand management service


Electricity, securities, real estate ownership registry


Automated system of construction control


for grid companies and energy retailers

A system for splitting payments from consumers to suppliers based on smart contracts.

Being developed for the energy industry together with power engineering company Moselectro.

Ensures the reliability of consumption data

Automates settlements and billing through blockchain-enabled smart contracts

Reduces accounts receivable

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for demand management aggregators

Electricity demand management service. Automates the interaction between the System Operator, aggregator and electricity consumers.

Reduces demand management costs.

Stores data on consumers and metering devices

Notifies consumers that the consumption reduction is required

Calculates the amount of reduction and reward

Provides workflow management



Electricity, securities, real estate ownership registry.

Based on distributed ledger technology. Green certificate registry developed in partnership with StartBlock validates, creates and manages digital assets that certify ownership of green energy.

Issues, keeps records and redeems certificates

Displays statistics on the certificates use

Reduces costs. Safe and reliable for any number of users

Access to the world marketplaces

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for investors, developers, general contractors

Automated system of construction control.

Streamlines planning, facilitates construction and commissioning works control, reduces costs caused by missed deadlines and poor-quality work performance. Increases cost transparency.

Developed in partnership with INFOPRO.

Maintains directories of standard workplans, defects and estimated prices

Stores information on construction objects in a single database

Schedules works and monitors their implementation

Notifies about deviations from the plan

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Innovative products

We develop products for flexibility and microgrid markets - new decentralized energy markets.

Microgrid trading system

This system allows trade between local energy market participants without intermediaries on the island of Semakau in Singapore.

Applicable to microgrids and active energy complexes.

Being developed in partnership with Nanyang Technological University, MIPT and RT Soft.

Flexibility management platform

Allows consumers to save their budgets by reducing consumption during peak hours by selling energy from microgeneration and power storages.

The prototype developed in partnership with the Startblock won the Odyssey hackathon.

Being developed in partnership with StartBlock, Luxembourg Energy Storage Systems in Luxembourg and Sweden.

Technological Consulting

We work with companies in the energy, oil, gas and construction industries.


We develop IT-systems concepts, design their architecture and supervise implementation.

We develop visual analytics tools in partnership with Kompany.

Management consulting

We optimize business processes, develop methodologies and implement innovative practices in production assets management in partnership with SovTech.


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Rustem Khusnutdinov
Product development
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Rustam Gabitov
Financial and operational management
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Marat Muflikhanov
Sales and commerce
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Diana Islamova
Marketing and development
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Tatiana Shchinova
Business analytics
FullStack Developer


In complex cases we work with industry experts, involve specialized developers and use universities testing grounds.

Software developers

Energy Management Software
Visual analytics tools
Blockchain development team
Power industry processes automation
IT-infrastructure development, implementation and support

Industry and finance

Intellectual energy development
Power Engineering
Internet of Energy Project
Venture investment
Energy consumption optimization
Power storage production


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Nanyang Technological University


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