Optimizing energy supply in real‑time

People and companies install more generation devices and use more smart devices that able to select regimes of power consumption based on energy price.

But a rigid pricing system doesn’t allow to avoid substations overload.

We can influence on energy consumption of smart devices by changing the energy price. These kinds of adjustments lower the network load.

The faster does the price react to changing demand, the lower is the peak load. In the ØNDER network, price can be updated every five seconds, so pricing policy becomes flexible.

With ØNDER suppliers and consumers can find balance of energy price, quantity and quality faster, and can choose priority of utilization for different types of energy sources.

Owners of storage devices can also buy and sell energy. They can favorably store it, when it is cheap, and sell it, when it is expensive.

This way the network gets distributed storage devices and a more balanced load.


Retail generation and consumers

Millions of retail market participants are able to exchange money and energy without a centralized billing system.

Service companies

Platform for creating, piloting and running new business models over the distributed energy market without a centralized billing system.

Infrastructure companies

Balancing supply and demand by changing the energy price in real-time. Decreasing the need in extra energy capacity.

Scaling the network with ease

ØNDER provides faster and more cost‑effective energy transactions platform than other blockchain solutions.

Blockchain baked well:

  • Increased transaction throughput thanks to off‑chain scalability.
  • Works on top of open Ethereum network.
  • Unrestricted interoperability with other applications.

Energy system for a networked age:

  • faster meter‑to‑cash cycles.
  • automated split transactions.
  • demand response and flexibility management united via real‑time pricing.

Partner initiatives

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Partnership for the joint development of the demonstration energy complex of the Institute of the Arctic in terms of the transaction energy platform

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Development of joint product solutions for the advancement of services for the flexibility of supply and consumption of electricity

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Development of joint integrated solutions of the class “Internet of Energy” in the part of the transaction platform

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Development of joint solutions for the integration of the ØNDER transactional platform and the EMS RTSoft systems

Project growth plan


  • Finish prototype
  • Develop application for network users
  • Launch first ØNDER version
  • Adapt the solution to the requirements of 1 or 2 companies, launch ØNDER in pilot mode
  • Deliver first devices by MIPT


  • Contracts with 5+ companies
  • 4+ services with using ØNDER platform
  • Launch demo complex ØNDER in Asia


  • Contracts with 10+ companies
  • 6+ services with using ØNDER platform
  • Launch demo complex ØNDER in Europe


  • 50K participants of energy system use ØNDER